May 18th(Wed)               6:00-8:00pm        Drawer/Door/Cabinets to

                                                                 Die For!

May 21st (Sat)                9:00-11:00am      Amy Howard 101

                                      3:00-5:00pm        Amy Howard 101

May 24th(Tues)             6:00-8:30pm        Fabulous Finishes!   

May 25th (Wed)             6:00-8:00pm       Revamp Your Lamp!

May 27th (Fri)               6:00-9:00pm       Chair & Upholstery

                                                               Make Over

June 4th (Sat)              9:00-11am           Amy Howard 101

                                    3:00-5:00pm        Amy Howard 101

June 5th (Sun)             2:00-5:00pm        Bring Your Own Piece!

June 8th (Wed)           6:00-8:00pm         Revamp Your Lamp!

June 10th (Fri)            6:00-8:30pm         Fabulous Finishes!

June 11th (Sat)           9:00-11:00am       Amy Howard 101

                                   3:00-5:00pm         Amy Howard 101

June 12th (Mon)        2:00-4:00pm         Zinc Process Made Easy!

June 15th(Wed)        6:00-9:00pm         Rescue & repair- Chair &

                                                             Upholstery Make Over

June 20th(Mon)        6:00-8:30pm        Fabulous Finishes!

June 23rd (Thurs)     2:00-5:00pm        Bring Your Own Piece

June 24th (Fri)         5:00-8:30pm        Drawer/Door/Cabinets

                                                           to Die For!

June 25th (Sat)      9:00-11:00am        Amy Howard 101

                              3:00-5:00pm         Amy Howard 101

One Step Paint

Old World Tuscana Finish

Embossed Venetian Plaster


Take a painting class at Blue Goose Antiques, Furniture & Gifts and learn how to use all of Amy Howard's amazing products. Let the team at Blue Goose show you the steps.  We are here to help you achieve success with your first piece and the many pieces afterwards!

Do you want a fun GIRLS NIGHT OUT? Sip cocktails while learning new techniques? You will be surprised how easy the projects are. We can teach you how to create the look you want from One-Step paint to lacquer to Venetian plaster to antiquing mirrors! See the list of classes below!

We provide EVERYTHING! We teach you everything from how to appropriately apply the paint to how to finish a piece of furniture to your liking.

Matt Blair and Nan Smith-Blair have been trained by Amy Howard herself in all the techniques. We will help guide you through every step and insure your success!

We provide all supplies.

Blue Goose Antiques, Furniture & Gifts Painting Class

Amy Howard products purchased

on the day of the class!

Fayetteville, Arkansas 72703

Embossed Zinc Finish

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